If we could live happy, healthy lives without harming others...why wouldn't we?
~ Pam Ahern, Edgar's Mission ~


Vegan peanut butter cookies

Simple things are often the best I was honestly shocked at how good this recipe turned out, and more shocked that it was an absolute hit with all of my colleagues and my family. These vegan peanut butter cookies taste kind of like shortbreads and may be my most popular cookies ever. My husband gets

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Eggless Mini Quiches

I’m always advocating for people to add more plants to their meal routine. One of the easiest ways to do this is by swapping the protein source in your favourite recipes. This is great because it means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, think of new recipes, or start eating completely different meals. It

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Tofu egg salad sandwich

A new version of a classic Soy is finally starting to shed its unearned negative reputation – people are finally starting to appreciate its nutritional power and versatility. Perhaps the most practical of all soy-based food is tofu. As I always encourage people to make small, incremental changes when starting to reduce animal products. A

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Plant based keto diet

A nutritionist’s perspective I get asked quite often whether vegans can do the keto diet and if it’s healthier than the meat based version. To answer this question, we need to look at exactly what it is. Keto nearly always gets confused with your standard low carb diet, but it has specific features that differentiate

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Is soy milk bad for you?

The brief history of soy Soy milk is made from beans (or legumes) that are just like peanuts, chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans. Soy is a versatile, cheap, high quality source of protein, and a rich source of many other nutrients. They are also high in choline, magnesium, omega 3, zinc and iron. In

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Which is the best vegan weight loss shake?

Weight loss shakes work by reducing the calories you consume in a day by replacing one or more meals with a protein based supplement. The higher quality products will provide a decent chunk of your daily requirements, and in my experience, many people find them helpful if used appropriately. The great news is that there

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