About Me


Hi, I'm Sally

I’m a Nutritionist and Dietitian with more than a decade of personal experience living a plant based lifestyle. 

I choose to go vegan in 2008 after discovering the truth about what happens to animals in the modern food system.  

After learning about the food industry, I began my transformation from a proud, meat loving omnivore, to 100% plant based over about a year. 

It wasn’t easy…I spent lots of time researching whatever nutrition information I could find…there was lots of trial and error.  

At the time, there weren’t many nutrition professionals who knew how to support people who were plant based. 

A lot has changed since then. Most healthcare professionals are better informed about the numerous health benefits of following a healthy, plant based diet. 

But we still have a long way to go before sustainable, compassionate diets are the norm. 

It’s an exciting time that we find ourselves in, and my goal is to share what I know to help people not only succeed but to thrive on their journey.

With love 🙂


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