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homemade soy yogurt

Living in a sparsely populated, far away country like Australia means missing out on plant-based versions of staple foods that are abundant overseas. It’s basically impossible to find a nutritionally equivalent, palatable, plant-based yogurt in Australia. Not willing to accept the lack of yogurt in my life, I took matters into my own hands and […]

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perimenopause symptoms less bothersome for vegans

We know that what we eat during perimenopause greatly influences our health as we age. While plant-based diets are increasingly recognised as being a powerful instrument for disease prevention, it seems there may be extra benefits of a plant-based diet for women during perimenopause too. Research shows that women who follow plant-based diets may have

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It’s 2 hours after lunch and you notice the gremlins in your tummy. You had a green salad for lunch because you’re trying to lose a couple of kilos. Your concentration is fading. You’re craving something sweet. Sound familiar? You know you need a high protein snack that’s high in fibre to balance your blood

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The same old stories about soy still pop up in the media every now and then, and given I get asked pretty regularly about whether soy is unhealthy, inflammatory, or hormone disrupting. Despite overwhelming evidence that soy is not harmful and is in fact very healthy, a surprising number of people remain afraid of soy

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In IBS, FODMAPS (found in many plant foods) can trigger unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms, including bloating, wind, diarrhoea, and constipation. The problem for plant-based IBS sufferers is that many of the core, protein-rich plant foods have FODMAPS. The good news is that with some knowledge and practice, a plant-based diet is achievable for many people with

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How does a vegan or plant-based ketogenic diet stack up against traditional keto? Is there even such a thing as a plant-based keto diet? Yes…you can be plant-based and keto Granted, it’s harder and takes more planning, but there are many benefits to the plant-based versions of keto, over meat-heavy ones. What is keto? Essentially

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Vegan and plant-based diets are on the rise as the problems with the current food systems and standard Western diets become increasingly hard to ignore. As a plant-based dietitian, I feel qualified to share some tips on starting a plant-based or vegan diet for beginners. I’ve helped many people with this over the years and

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There is good evidence that when combined with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise, meal replacements can be an effective weight loss strategy. They help people eat fewer calories by temporarily replacing one or two meals per day with a protein-based supplement. As there are more plant-based options on the market than ever before, it’s important

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