Gaining weight on a plant-based diet?

You might be gaining weight on plant-based diet from eating too many fruits and vegetables. Yes, I said it. Let me explain. People are often attracted to plant-based diets by the promise of weight loss. And, yes it’s true, herbivores tend to be slimmer than omnivores. Yet, many people find they actually gain weight when

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IBS and plant-based diet

In IBS, FODMAPS (found in many plant foods) can trigger unpleasant gastro symptoms. These include bloating, gas, diarrhoea, and constipation. If you have IBS, this can make following a plant-based diet hard. The biggest issues is that most protein-rich plant foods contain one or more FODMAPS. But armed with knowledge and simple strategies, an IBS

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Plant-based ketogenic diet

How does a vegan or plant-based ketogenic diet stack up against traditional keto? Is there even such a thing as a plant-based keto diet? Yes…you can be plant-based and keto Granted, it’s harder and takes more planning, but there are many benefits to the plant-based versions of keto, over meat-heavy ones. What is keto? Essentially

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Plant-based diet for beginners

Vegan and plant-based diets are on the rise as the problems with the current food systems and standard Western diets become increasingly hard to ignore. As a plant-based dietitian, I feel qualified to share some tips on starting a plant-based or vegan diet for beginners. I’ve helped many people with this over the years and

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Tofu egg salad

As plant-based eating becomes mainstream, it’s good to appreciate the versatility of humble old tofu. Aside from being a nutritional powerhouse, tofu may be the most practical of all soy products, because of its neutral flavour and meaty texture. When transitioning to a plant-based diet, replacing animal protein with a similar amount of plant-based protein

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Is soy unhealthy?

Setting the record straight The same, tired old stories about soy pop up in the media every now and then – even though current evidence about soy is overwhelmingly – and increasingly – positive. Sadly, people continue to avoid soy because of old misconceptions. So let’s look at the facts. What is soy? Soy is

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